Should I tell him about my kinky ideas?

I have got all of these kinky ideas floating around in my head but I am not sure that I should tell my boyfriend about it. He seems to be having a hard time accepting that I work for Charing Cross escorts. At first I was not even so sure that I should tell him that I am an escort. After all, his lifestyle is very different from mine but I felt that I should tell him so I did. He was a bit surprised at first but now I think that he has got used to the idea.


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Is my boyfriend into kinky sex? I think that my boyfriend would like to experience a bit of kinky sex with me. The first thing I did was to introduce him to my sex toys collection. I am not sure what he thought about at first, but now he seems to like it. It is amazing how much fun that you can have with sex toys and I am sure that he really enjoys it now. Like so many other guys, he did not men could use sex toys as well.
So far I have not told him about my passion for making love in open spaces. All of the girls at Charing Cross escorts have got their own interesting ideas and this is mine. So far I have not found a man to share this passion with. Like I have said to my best girl at Charing Cross escorts, perhaps if I trained this guy a bit better, he would like to have sex with my in open spaces. In the past I have not been able to find the perfect guy to share my passion with and that has been a bit disappointing to say the least.

Do you like to be in charge? I like to be in charge and do some domination work at Charing Cross escorts. The other day I happen to mention it to my boyfriend. I think that his ears pricked up a bit but I am not sure why. Sometimes I think that he is a little bit taken back when I start telling him about some of the things that I am into it. I love having a good time with domination and my new service is really popular at the agency. However, it would be fun to have somebody to practise on at home. It would kind of be naughty but nice.
Sometimes it is really hard to date a guy who does not work for an escort service. I had this really hot guy for a while who used to work for a male London escort service. It was a bit like friends with pleasures if you know what I mean. When I came home from a long day at Charing cross escorts, we used to spend a lot of time enjoying each other company. But, he became the full time lover of a very rich lady. Never mind, I am sure that I will have a lot of fun introducing my kinky ideas to my new boyfriend. I keep on wondering if he will be able to handle it.

Thank you Pimlico escorts

Pimlico is a very beautiful and prestigious place to visit. However, you can get very lonely if you tour around when you are alone. You are therefore advised to look for an escort to keep you company as you go on with your duties be it business or leisure. Pimlico escorts of ensure that your stay in Pimlico is enjoyable as well as being a relief. You will surely leave Pimlico saying thank you to these Pimlico escorts due to the following reasons;


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Pimlico escorts will be with you whether you are attending a corporate event which you have been invited, when you are in your hotel or even when you are going out at night. You will find them to be charming and you won’t be lonely when they accompany you to these events.

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